Tuesday, 17 February 2015

There have been some fairly significant changes happening to our school grounds during January and February with the relocation of Rooms 19-22.  This has now been completed thanks to Logic Group’s efficient management and some seriously long hours put in by Corbel Construction.

The teachers from the Mahuri Learning Team have done a stand-out job of setting up their classes in short term spaces to start the year. While no doubt they are looking forward to moving into the relocatables, I think Room 22 might miss having the whole hall as their classroom space!

Shannon Beynon from the Northern Outlook has been out to have a look at progress. You may have seen her article on Wednesday 18th February which outlined the proposed plans for our new learning environment, and the opportunities this will allow us to offer students.

The exterior plans for the new building are looking very impressive! The BOT and staff have had the opportunity to look over these very closely and give feedback. The goal is to create a flexible, durable building that will excite children and tie into the look of the rest of the school, and our residential setting. The preliminary plans are currently being finalised and we hope to see building commence midyear.  

Mecca Hampton-James
Ashgrove BOT