Monday, 27 October 2014

The architectural design process for our new building is underway. Last Wednesday 22nd October a meeting was held with Alec Couchman from our selected design team Brewer Davidson Architects. Christine Chadwick Ashgrove Principal, BOT members Evan Connor, Mike McKellow and Mecca Hampton-James, Graeme Daniels and Linda King Principal and DP from Allenvale School, Peter Fenwick from the MOE, and Richard Webb Project Manager from Logic Group all attended.

Brewer Davidson Architects has extensive experience designing school buildings and Modern Learning Environments (MLE). Together we had an in depth discussion about our vision for the new learning spaces. It is now confirmed that our single level building will be positioned in the north west corner of the school. It will replace five existing classrooms and provide us with the equivalent of three new role growth teaching spaces and two teaching spaces for Allenvale School’s satellite classes. This position will take advantage of the park outlook and space, and will wrap around the corner of the site providing great indoor/outdoor opportunities for students.

Christine will now report back on the meeting to staff, and our architects have got the green light to begin the concept plans. We are very conscious of the fact that our school is currently bulging, so are looking to keep things moving. We are trying to get final plans into the Council for consent as soon as possible, and in turn begin the process of relocating Rooms 19-22 to clear space for the new build.

Although I am hesitant to give a time frame after previous delays, it is safe to say that in 2015 we look forward to sharing the building plans with our school community and watching the progress on site!

Mecca Hampton-James
Ashgrove School BOT